Back Lever

  • Systematic and Safe method
  • Achieve back lever mastery

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In this comprehensive guide, you will learn absolutely everything you need about how to progress to the back lever safely. Whether you’re a beginner working on unlocking the tuck lever or an advanced athlete wanting to improve your capacity, this guide will help you reach your goals.


What equipment do I need?

To perform the programs in Project Back Lever, a set of rings and a resistance band is sufficient. As long as you have something to do lever exercises on such as a pull-up bar, something to do dips between such as two chairs at home, and a resistance band, you have everything you need for the programs.


What baseline level of fitness do I need to jump into this program?

To get the most out of Project Back Lever, a foundation of basic bodyweight strength is recommended. If you can do five bodyweight chin-ups and eight bodyweight dips, you have enough strength to start this program.


Will I get a shoulder injury from trying this? How likely is an injury?

The back lever can be dangerous for the shoulders if you don’t know what you’re doing. However, when progressed to intelligently, it is very safe and can even improve shoulder health and resilience. As it was designed by a physiotherapist, safety was a primary consideration in creating the program. Project Back Lever provides a gradual, progressive, and safe approach for training the lever, minimizing the risk of injury.