Project Front Lever

  • Systematic and Safe method
  • Achieve front lever mastery

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In this comprehensive guide, you will learn absolutely everything you need about how to progress with the front lever. Whether you’re a beginner working on unlocking the tuck lever or an advanced athlete wanting to improve your lever capacity, this guide will help you reach your goals.


Being an ordinary customer, why should I buy Project Front Lever?

Develop your arm, back, and core muscles while learning an impressive display of bodyweight strength – the front lever!

The front lever is a challenging skill and intelligent programming is the key to achieving it. With this program, you can learn from a world-leading expert and physiotherapist for less than you would pay for a personal training session. Not only does Simon have decades of experience and the results to prove his methods, but the academic training and scientific knowledge to teach a safe and effective approach.


Why should I want to learn the Front Lever? What’s so cool about it?

Imagine being able to hold your body horizontally while hanging from a bar. This program will teach you the method to do exactly that. Build functional muscle, burn fat, and develop extraordinary strength using your own bodyweight. The front lever also trains opposing muscles to the planche and back lever and is a great way to promote structural balance while pursuing these skills.


What are the baseline fitness levels I need to jump into this ebook?

To get the most out of Project Front Lever, a foundation of basic bodyweight strength is recommended. If you can do five bodyweight chin-ups you have enough strength to start this program.