project planche

Project Planche provides a systematic and safe method for achieving the planche with Proven results.

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Whether you’re a beginner who has never attempted a planche or an experienced athlete, this plan will provide all you need to achieve your planche goals. Not only will you build strength and lean muscle with this program, you will also learn a valuable transferable skill of bodyweight strength training.

this program includes

  • 20 HD videos (over 37 minutes) including exercise demonstrations and explanation of key cues and common mistakes.
  • A comprehensive eBook PDF guide with photos, explaining the exercises and training system.
  • Online access to the above guide
  • 15 week planche training program.
  • Information to design your own planche training programs.
  • Warm-up and conditioning routine to prepare your body for training and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Details of the importance of rest, dealing with muscle soreness and overcoming plateaus.

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What is the Planche

Problem 1

Many bodyweight programs are written by coaches who either can’t perform the skills themselves, or don’t have the scientific knowledge to teach the skills safely and effectively. Simon has over a decade of bodyweight training and teaching experience as well as over five years experience practicing as a registered physiotherapist.

Problem 2

Many planche programs are written for individuals with previous gymnastics or calisthenics experience. This comprehensive program equips you with the foundations and knowledge to achieve the planche regardless of your starting level.

Problem 3

Programs often focus ideal scenarios and neglect to address common problems encountered during fitness training. Simon shares his knowledge of how to deal with difficulties such plateaus, muscle soreness and recovery.

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Being an ordinary customer, why should I buy this Planche eBook?

Develop your arm, shoulder and chest muscles while learning an impressive display of bodyweight strength – the Planche!

Learn to perform arguably the most impressive feat of bodyweight strength from a world leading expert. Not only does Simon have the results to prove his methods, but the experience and scientific knowledge to teach a safe and effective approach.


Why should I want to learn how to Planche? What’s so cool about it?

Imagine being able to hold your body horizontally using just your arms and perform push-ups with your feet in the air. This program will teach you the method to do exactly that. Build functional muscle, burn fat and develop extraordinary strength using your own bodyweight.


What are the baseline fitness levels I need to jump into this ebook?

This comprehensive program breaks down the progressions to achieve a planche, starting at the most basic level. This program can be used by anyone, no prior training or fitness is required.


Will I get a shoulder injury from trying this? How likely is an injury?

Injury is likely to occur if you follow advice from somebody with an inadequate understanding of human anatomy and physiology. This program provides a gradual, progressive and safe approach to achieving the planche, minimizing the risk of injury.

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